Industrial services

  • Materials consignment management
  • In-house industrial laundry
  • Outsourcing of laundry and cleaning services
  • Outsourcing of external and internal aircraft porterage and cleaning services

Airport services

  • Exterior aircraft cleaning
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Ordinary on-board cleaning
  • Certified sanitation
  • Waste material removal
  • Catering and Food service
  • Consignment management

Port Services

  • Ordinary boat cleaning
  • Interior deep cleaning
  • Certified Sanitization
  • Consignment management
  • Cargo cleaning
  • Food & beverage
  • Industrial laundry

Management services

  • Supervision and coordination of personnel
  • Materials consignment management
  • Coordination of internalized and outsourced industrial services


  • Certified sanitization
  • Ordinary interior aircraft cleaning
  • Extraordinary aircraft exterior cleaning
  • Industrial laundry service
  • Airport cleaning service
  • On-board material washing


  • In-house catering activities at Fiumicino Airport
  • Custom catering for airline events
  • Catering management for airport VIP lounge areas
  • Catering laundry activities


Skygate was established well before Covid with the goal of achieving the highest quality in the field of sanitization.

This is precisely why, starting from 2017, we have obtained a specific certification to be able to carry out professional sanitization operations.

In order to ensure in this post-pandemic period maximum safety inside airports and aircraft, we have adopted H2O2-based sanitization and dry steam for aircraft internal deep cleaning operations (Cockpit – Passenger Cabin – Galley Lavatories – Holds and technical cleaning of trolleys).

This is a professional process to safeguard the health of all travelers and airport employees.


Preliminary cleaning activities using manual technique involving the use of technical products and specific materials


Use of saturated steam at 164º that brings bacterial load back within sanitation standards


Use of certified chemicals that allow the destruction of microbes on treated objects and surfaces

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