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Certified Handler

Skygate operates as an airport service provider certified by ENAC (D.Lgs. 18/99, point 6.1 and 6.3) to provide all necessary on-board services at the airport.

On-board Services

We offer professional cleaning and laundry services for all on-board equipment, employing professional laundries and using certified chemicals.

Deposit account management

We manage the materials needed for the daily operation of the aircraft on behalf of the airlines (sheets, pillowcases, first class headsets, and so on).

What we can do for you


Industrial services

Thanks to our in-house industrial laundry and automated technical facilities, we guarantee effective cleaning and optimal results in extremely short time.


Airport services

Flight supervision and staff coordination, ordinary internal cleaning, deep cleaning inside the aircraft and cabins, external aircraft washing and sanitizing.


Management services

We offer consignment management services for all types of materials: first class headphones, sheets, pillows, headrests, to ensure effective and efficient service.


Outsourcing services

We offer all our services to others who wish to outsource certain activities such as internal and external cleaning of aircraft and offices, but also porterage, food service or catering.


Dining and catering

Our in-house diner at Fiumicino Airport serves all ENAC members, i.e. airport or airline employees, every day. We also perform catering services, with a prime location.



Skygate was founded in 2017 with a sanitization license, even before Covid. We carry out sanitization procedures with specific protocol for airlines, such as in airport VIP lounges, but also inside the aircrafts.

Direct contact with our customers enables us to offer a comprehensive range of airport, cleaning, laundry, catering, and food services.


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