Our services

Offering integrated and modular services based on customer needs is the goal of Skygate, which is looming as a partner on a national scale for airlines and railway companies.



The below study is carried out by Skygate S.p.a. , in order to answer to the current market demand. The airport sanitation area, is now more than ever required, in order to prevent and maximize potential contagion risks.


We have dedicated a sector to catering and restaurantsWe are thrilled to be able to say that SKYGATE through new-co MIRAMARE AIRPORT SRL, of which he is a reference partner, has signed a 8-year contract for the management of an inside BAR-Restaurant point the Fiumicino airport where development in the sector is expected restaurants.


Our production process concerning washing linen is collected and delivered with vehicles equipped to maintain a physical separation between dirty and clean clothes. The vehicles periodically come disinfected cer – the reception rooms of the dirty linen are physically separated from the rooms downstream of the washing machines. The leaders come sorted by type of dirt / fabric.


To ensure maximum safety, we have adopted H2O2 and dry steam sanitization for the deep interior cleaning of the aircraft (Cockpit – Passenger cabin – Galley – Lavatories – Holds), technical trolley cleaning and disinfection.